Things to do Before Buying Large Tapestries

It’s assumed that you are not going just to show up and buy a tapestry wall covering or anything else for your home at random. Decorating can be expensive, and when purchasing a tapestry, in particular, you need to be prepared as they can be a nuisance to return, even though a large tapestry is something that you can only roll up. Here are some things to consider and keep in mind after you’ve decided to buy new large tapestries. Some may seem obvious. However, many people are in different situations and have different experience levels when it comes to decorating.

Shape and size: Vertical, as well as horizontal designs, is available with all tapestry wall hangings. This is something to take into consideration when selecting a wall covering for a selected space. Don’t be shy about carrying a measuring tape with you as you shop for your wall coverings. You’ll be much better off imposing on a strict dealer than having to return the piece once you see it on your wall.

Proportion: It is important to remember portion to allow for surrounding wall space. Sizes of a wall hanging tapestry can vary something to keep in mind when shopping online. Typically you want to leave enough white space between decorations for the eye to adjust from piece to piece. Keep things sparse to allow for visual appreciation of the pieces you’ve selected for your home.

Colour: You will probably want to match the wall covering with the existing decor. You can accentuate this by hanging tassels on either side – this also adds more flair. For those with less of an eye for such things try taking an extreme close up picture of the wall covering you’re considering. Zoomed enough to get an image with nothing but the color of the piece, but no too close that you cut out any prominent color. Then print out your image on an 8 X 11 sheet and hold it next to the other items in the room. If you still can’t tell which color fit together, you can find recommendations online. If you’re still not able to see it, you can always go with black. Black goes with everything, including a new pair of glasses.

Style: Stylistic range is enormously vast, medieval, renaissance, rustic, elegant, arts and crafts; the list goes on and on with all these choices, finding the right style can be difficult. Remaining consistent with that style can be downright impossible. Luckily most dealers can fit their pieces into one of the many stylistic categories. Even if you’ve fallen in love with a wall covering that isn’t available in the style you’ve chosen you can usually find a related style. Again a dealer may be able to help you with this if you’re online, you can usually tell by the original language the style resembles. You can be rather sure an old piece, and a piece of the large tapestry online have a better chance of going well together than a rustic and elegant style would. For high quality and worldwide delivery of large tapestry visit .

That’s not to say it can’t be done, but it should be left to someone with the expertise to pull off such a daring pairing.

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