Three of the Best Home Design Ideas for the Kitchen for 2018

The best thing to do in home decorating is to do what feels good. But, how can this be determined? Sometimes it all feels pretty good aside from a few bad color choices? Sometimes, money makes some things unrealistic. Below are three of the Best Home Design Ideas in the kitchen to get the ball rolling. Include some of these concepts into a 2018 redesign and find that ideal new set-up.

Lighten and Color the Kitchen

In the past few years, a bizarre overreach of minimalism captured many kitchens in America. For some reason, people coated their kitchens in white, minimizing any kind of color disparity for a very sterile and clean look. It is attractive at first glance, but it gets old quickly.

One excellent way to infuse some new life into a kitchen is to explode it with color. Add new neutrals, wood tones, and bright accessories to lighten the space and bring out its dynamic color range possibilities.

Dark Color Sinks

Traditionally, stainless steel was the way to go. Yes, stainless steel is still an excellent design choice, and it has its appeal by its durability and glossy finish. But, stainless steel may be a part of a past trend. A popular trend is to darken and deepen the kitchen sink. This includes a completely black design, which plays well against brighter colors in the immediate kitchen surrounding. Another popular feature is to have a copper sink. Copper is huge now.

Stainless steel, as functional as it is, is aesthetically less pleasing than daring designs of dark colors and wood tones, which have become increasingly common in the kitchen.

Thick Cabinetry

A new trend is turning the open shelving aesthetics to a heavily cabineted kitchen space. It seems to be a trend that fights against potential clutter from open shelving. Beautiful cabinets and thick wood tones are taking priority again, including colors of rich blue and subtle beige.

The above is only a brief overview of the different things to do in the kitchen. There’s always room for more. Try new concepts, add unique spins, and infuse a captivating new energy to the kitchen for 2018.