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What are the solutions to protect yourself from mosquitoes? Which of the fixed, flexible, integrated or removable window screens would suit you best? Discover our explanations, our advice & the prices of this equipment. Choose your window screen: two models according to your needs Each member of the family reacts […]

What are the solutions to protect yourself from mosquitoes? Which of the fixed, flexible, integrated or removable window screens would suit you best? Discover our explanations, our advice & the prices of this equipment.

Choose your window screen: two models according to your needs

Each member of the family reacts in their own way – some are spared, while others still suffer from multiple bites sparing no inch of skin. One solution, install custom window screens! In fact, wasps, moths, spiders, bumblebees, bees, and flies will also stay outside your home, thanks to the window screen. It is essential to protect yourself well from these flying insects.

Here are the two models available on the market:

  1. the flexible window screen: it is a bed veil that is hung above it. It covers the area where you sleep to prevent the mosquito from biting you. If it works very well, it does not prevent mosquitoes from entering your home or even hearing them,
  2. the fixed window screen on the openings: used to stop the entry of insects at the level of the windows, it is housed in the leaf or is fixed on the frame, and allows to leave the windows open, to let the ‘fresh air.

Removable or fixed?

Your future window or door equipment can remain permanently on the openings or be dismantled at the end of the summer. Check out mosquito nets on https://sunlux24.se/insaktsnat

The removable window screen: install it in summer

There are window screens that you can only use in hot weather and then store in a closet or even the garden shed!

They fit into the window frame. It is quite possible to create them (you still need a little material: jigsaw, upholsterer stapler) or have them custom-made by a carpenter, for example by choosing a wooden or aluminum frame for longer service life.

The canvas can be green, black, white or gray. A gray canvas allows you to keep a beautiful brightness and a faithful view of the outside while hiding from prying eyes.

Caution: If you choose this type of window screen, be aware that multiple manipulations (placing and removing them several times a day for a window, for example) play against the life of your equipment. Their advantage lies in the low cost of implementation.

The fixed frame window screen: much more practical

These window screens are composed of a flexible canvas; The installation is done in a table in the frame of your window. The canvas is located in a trunk, in the same way as for the awning system. There are window screens for bay windows, with side winding.

Good to know: The advantage of permanent nets is that they do not suffer from displacement and are available at any time of the year.

Uses and Benefits

It is mainly used for ventilation and anti-mosquito. The frame is tightly attached to the window frame. The gauze is pulled down when it is used, and the gauze is automatically rolled back into the net box when not in use. Does not take up space and is tightly sealed. Coordinate with high-end home decoration.

The invisible window screen is not “invisible” in the true sense. It is just that the screen mesh warp used is thinner than the traditional panel screen warp and the light transmittance is higher than the traditional screen. In order for the invisible screen to achieve its special effect, production materials must have high transparency and tensile strength.

In the summer, insects often fly into an apartment or house, giving residents a lot of trouble. If you do not want to keep the windows closed in the heat and sleep in the stuffiness, installing a mosquito net on the windows will be the way out. In addition to insect protection, mosquito nets have many additional benefits:

  • Provide additional protection against dust, pollen, poplar fluff,
  • Do not interfere with the penetration of fresh air and daylight into the house,
  • It is possible to use on windows and doors of various types, sizes and shapes,
  • With proper care and storage, they have a long service life,
  • Do not spoil the appearance of the window,
  • Easily installed and dismantled in the winter.

There are various types of mosquito nets, differing in shape and design. Let’s talk more about the benefits and features of the most popular models.


The simplest option is a protective net for a plastic fiberglass window with a PVC coating. It can easily be glued to the frame from the side of the street using double-sided tape.

ADVANTAGES: such a model does not interfere with closing the window, does not attract attention and perfectly performs its functions. A simple mosquito net lasts about two years, and it can be easily removed, washed and fixed in place. The model is quite inexpensive.

DISADVANTAGES: fragility, low strength. May peel off the window.


The design can be placed both on the outside of the frame and inside the opening. It is a frame made of PVC or aluminum with a mesh stretched over it. The model is fastened using special angles made in accordance with the desired size.

ADVANTAGES: suitable for any windows – wooden, plastic, aluminum. Easy to operate, easy to remove after the onset of cold weather, as well as for periodic cleaning.

DISADVANTAGES: The corners for the mesh must be mounted before the window frame is installed in the opening. That is, you need to think about whether you need a mosquito net before installing a plastic window.

For mounting the frame mesh, various types of fasteners are used:

  • Plunger mount using metal pins secured to the mosquito net frame. This amount is highly durable and looks very aesthetically pleasing.
  • The grid can be mounted on magnets or screwed to the frame on an ongoing basis.

The frame mosquito net does not interfere with opening windows and using blinds.


Roll mesh – this is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to protect the premises from insects, as well as from dust and dirt. The main feature of such a grid is the ability to collapse it like a roller blind using a special mechanism, and if necessary, close the window again. Thanks to aluminum guides, the mesh fits snugly to the frame and provides a high level of protection.

As a rule, such nets are installed on the outside of the window structure, with the exception of dormers, the nets are fixed to them from the inside.

ADVANTAGES: ease of use, the presence of bristles that trap dirt, the ability to fold the grid. Suitable for all types of windows.

DISADVANTAGES: sometimes, when folding the curtains, large particles of dirt can get into it, which can damage the mesh. When folding, you can’t sharply pull the curtain with the net, and it is advisable to hold it with your hand. The mechanism should be cleaned at least once a year.


The mosquito net pleated by the principle of operation is similar to a roll, but it does not have a folding mechanism. The mesh design resembles an accordion. The fold pitch is 10 mm. Such nets can be used on ordinary windows, as well as in winter gardens and on objects with a large area. Adjustable by loosening or pulling the cord. Mounting in the opening is carried out using plastic brackets. The mesh is not made of fiberglass, but of special plastic.

ADVANTAGES: the most advanced of the existing mosquito net designs, characterized by modern design, functionality and clarity of lines. It does not have a lower threshold, making it very convenient to use. Can close openings up to 3 m in length and width. It does not need to be removed from the window for the winter.

DISADVANTAGES: relatively high cost, which, however, is fully consistent with the quality.


The mosquito net can be placed not only on the window but also on the door. For example, an opening mosquito door to the balcony, made in the form of a frame net, will protect the balcony during the summer season. This design does not prevent the penetration of light and air into the room, does not limit the space of the balcony. It can be installed on both plastic and wooden doors using a special profile, seal and fasteners. The door is hinged and complemented by handles. The mosquito net itself is made of aluminum.

There are also sliding frame mosquito nets, which are a design of two frames, sliding apart in different directions. Such nets are very convenient for large patios or loggias.

Roll nets on balcony doors are not moved apart vertically, but horizontally. The grid moves along the guides fixed in the lower and upper part of the doorway. For double balcony doors, roll-up combined nets are used, which take up less space and consist of two wings.

If you have a pet, then you will probably think about how to protect the mosquito net from the influence of sharp claws, as well as ensure the safety of a pet that can break through the stack and fall out the window.

There are nets made not of fiberglass, but of steel or aluminum. The advantage of such a grid is strength, disadvantages – the ability to install only a frame structure and a fairly high price.


If your house has windows of an unusual shape, you can purchase a grid with corners with varying geometry. There are arched and polygonal designs that allow you to close the openings of various shapes. For their manufacture, a profile is used, the width of which is 32 mm.

One of the advantages of such a grid is the ability to choose not only the shape but also the color of the structure. Standard colors are white and brown, but the buyer can order almost any color of the profile.


Window screens are sold commercially and can be resized. The frame is mostly made of aluminum. If you have many windows to equip, take the time to get quotes from carpenters. Commercial window screens do not really allow customization and their cost remains high.

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