How to Clean a Home with Pets

Gertrude Aziz

How to Clean a Home with Pets

Many of us deeply adore our pets, and for most pet owners the frantic leaping of their dog when they get in from work or their cat curling up beside them on the sofa is precisely what makes the home feel homely. Accordingly, most pet owners keeping animals over a certain size have simply accepted the trade-off that is inherent in all homes with pets – the place just isn’t going to be that clean. But hold up a minute – is that trade-off really inevitable?

To be clear, we are referring to the dog owners, the cat owners. and all those owning pets that need to spend a significant amount of time outside of the house – and who want to bring a lot of the outside back in with them every time they come home. The good news is that, yes, you can very certainly keep a clean home and a dirty pet at the same time.

A Dirty Pet in a Clean Home

Perhaps the best way to think about your pet, if you would like to keep your home clean as well, is as just another person that brings dirt into the home. Humans are animals too, and it is not like we don’t come with our own host of smells and dirt. Think of the stink that emanates from shoes that have been worn a little too often recently or have got wet in the rain. In cases like this we use products like ShoeFresh, a top-notch shoe deodorizing spray, in order to deal with the smell that we ourselves have created. With pets, it’s no different.

Tips for a Clean and Pet-Friendly Home

Before any home-cleaning tips, it might be worth beginning with the single most important thing:

Keep Your Pets Clean

Indeed, a proper grooming routine is the best way to prevent rather than deal with the problem. If your dog, for example, looks like it has had a mud bath after every walk, then it’s time to start washing them regularly. There’s no need to haul the dog into the bathroom for a shampooing after every walk, but a quick shower with clean water can make the world of difference. Remember however to still give them the full shampoo treatment every now and then. And keep the pet confined to a specific part of the house until they dry.

Deal With Hair

The number one problem with a range of different pets is the hair they often shed all over the home. Deal with this problem by giving them a professional trimming or de-shedding on a regular basis. From how often you notice your pet shed hair, you should be able to work out how often you need to do this.

Get the Right Furniture

To keep on the topic of pet hair, some materials can act like a magnet for the stuff, so it might be wise to avoid furniture made of these materials. Aim instead for leather or something tightly woven. Not only will less hair stick to it, but you should also be able to clean such furniture much more easily.

Buy a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Simple enough really, if you have a pet then a vacuum cleaner is something you should not go cheap on. Prioritize extra strong suction and a good brush action. Seek professional advice to find out what type of vacuum cleaner is best for your pet.

A final tip might be to remember to do all these things regularly – as regularly as your pet dictates. By covering that base, you should have no trouble keeping your home at once clean and exceptionally pet-friendly.

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