Will Britain’s Property Boom Continue in 2021?

Gertrude Aziz

No one is likely to forget 2020 in a hurry with everything that happened to our health, the economy, and schools closing amidst a global pandemic. Businesses up and down the country began to work remotely, which had huge implications on the housing sector. As employers realised that home working could be productive and people realised that a good work/life balance is attainable, a new trend emerged in the housing market; homeowners realised that if they could work from home, home didn’t need to be in the city. This sparked a trend for house-hunting in the countryside.

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Many people found they enjoyed working from home, and according to ITV News, that is one trend that looks like it will continue into this year, even when restrictions have been lifted.

Demand For Rural Property

The option of being able to work from home means rural estate agents have seen an increase in enquiries from people looking to relocate out of the city to countryside properties. With people stuck at home, they want to make sure they have plenty of space, both inside and out, which is perhaps missing in the city.

If you are one of those people, there are benefits to making the move soon. The government introduced a stamp duty holiday that is due to close at the end of March, meaning there will be additional pressure on the sector in the coming weeks as buyers push to complete their sales before the deadline. Some in the sector are predicting a slower second quarter. While the savings in taxes might appear to be an incentive, the longer-term lifestyle seems set to be a driver throughout the year.

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Buying Property in 2021

If you are looking to buy this year, be clear about what you want from the move and what your budget is. Whether or not you have a property to sell first will be a factor; if you are selling, spending a little bit of time and investment to maximise its potential is worth it. Think about what you want from your new home. Outside space is a priority for many this year, followed by a garage and a conservatory. Consider what is most important to you.

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Many anticipate that 2021 will see a further spotlight on greener housing. The Green Homes Grant will also run until the end of March, with grants available for environmentally responsible initiatives such as heat pumps, biomass boilers, insulation and other improvements that will improve energy efficiency for more sustainable lives as a result of reassessing their priorities.

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